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PearlxStudio Upcoming workshop

Upcoming Workshops

Explore the Best Creative workshops


At PearlxStudio we believe that SUCCESS HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO WHAT YOU LOVE. There is nothing beyond the happiness that you get  from following your creative passions. Thus bringing you Workshops which are just a trailer of our creative courses. Come REGISTER and explore the world of passion with us!


Past Workshops

Makeup Workshop in Partnership with MAC

M.A.C Workshop

Makeup workshop on glamorous party look by expert trainers from M.A.C

Styling Workshop with Himanshi Goel

Elevate your style

This workshop aims at helping you identify and elevate your personal style.

Styling Workshop on College Fashion Trends

Heading to college and need outfit ideas?

This Styling workshop is answer to all your styling woes

Makeup and Hair Workshop

Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

Styling Workshop with Ruhaanee Hiran

Personal Styling Workshop

Struggling to build a presentable and self-confident image? This workshop is for YOU!

Body Art Workshop with Joy Goswami

Body Art Workshop

Learn the art and techniques in Body Art

Portfolio 2023

Portfolio 2023

PearlxStudio by Pearl Academy invites you to Portfolio'23! Join us for five incredible workshops & receive 15%* Scholarship by reserving your spot with us at campus.

Unleash your creativity with these Summer Workshops

Unleash your creativity with these Summer Workshops

Discover your creativity with PearlxStudio’s workshops in Fashion, Styling, Make-up and Interiors all in one day.

PearlxStudio introduces 20% scholarship in Fashion, Styling, Make-up & Interiors. Limited Seats. T&C Apply!