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The Next Big Thing in Professional Photography
May 25, 2022

The Next Big Thing in Professional Photography

Out with the old and in with the new! The world of professional photography has long been driven by this philosophy. From Yousuf Karsh’s iconic close-up portrait of Winston Churchill to the Asian trend of capturing vivid images on the streets, inspiration is all around for photographers. But the future of photography will belong to only a select few styles and approaches.

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From where we stand, the following trends will be revolutionising the realm of professional photography forever.

1. Immersive 3D Photography

Despite being a highly-creative space, photography has been restricted to two dimensions up until recently. Yes, 3D photography has been around for a while, but it wasn’t truly explored in professional photography. However, all this is changing. Owing to technological innovation, cameras and computers might soon start creating fully immersive 3D images, which will be viewable from all angles when projected.

And that’s not it. 360 camera technology is another tool stirring up a storm in the world of professional photography with its ability to create a fully immersive experience.

With 360 camera technology and 3D combined, you’ll soon be able to take photos that you can walk around and touch. Surely an exciting thing to witness, isn’t it?

2. Rebirth of Still Photography

With people worldwide staying home, the love for still-life photography has spurred again among amateurs and professionals alike.

Photographers are finding inspiration even in the simplest objects around their homes. And that’s the beauty of still life photography; you can capture still images anywhere with any subject of varying colours, textures, scales, and composition.

Besides, still-life photography has also been a great medium of self-expression for many photographers. For all these reasons, you will surely see more still-life professional photography in 2022.

3. The Return of Self-Portrait

As the trending selfies and ‘groupfies’ dominated our social media feeds, the intimacy and unassumingness of self-portraits took a back seat. However, several budding and influential photographers are embracing self-portraits as a form of self-expression and exploration.

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Just look up names like Rosie Hardy or Joel Robinson, and you'll know how the photographers are restoring the self-portrait as a serious form of professional photography. If you're wondering how to become a professional photographer, experimenting with self-portraits can be a great way to polish your skills.

4. Raw Realism

In the age of photo editing and Instagram filters, taking an untouched photograph is a bold move. With the underlying principle of ‘Unedited is authentic’, raw realism is another professional photography trend that’s creating buzz right now. And it’s all about capturing the raw beauty of the subject.

Instead of the world of fantasy and glitter, the trend focuses on the rugged and dark aesthetic of the real world. Thus, offering a more authentic look at the subject. Not to mention, the captured pictures are more honest, realistic, and overwhelming.

5. Silhouettes

Wondering how to become a professional photographer in a niche that brings out the best of your creativity? Well, silhouette photography is your answer.

The magic of silhouette photographs is that they are open to interpretation, but they’re not as easy to capture as they seem.

The trick here is to get the lighting right. You can create different moods, drama, and poetics using a subject with strong lines and place it in front of a strong light source. By reducing your subject to a shape, you allow the viewer to relate to the world you are depicting in the photo.

So, when you want to demonstrate your creative prowess and photography skills, Silhouette images can make for a powerful expression. 

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Over to you

2022 is undoubtedly an exciting year for professional photography. These innovative trends will open up the world of creative possibilities, for amateurs and professionals alike. If you're also asking yourself, “how to become a professional photographer”, we at PearlxStudio offer specialised professional photography courses to make you an industry-ready working professional.

If you have the passion and intuitive eye that love to capture moments forever, our certified professional photography courses will give you hands-on training in your preferred genre of photography. Connect today.


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