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Personal Styling and Image Consultancy: Top 5 Celebrity Image Consultants in India
August 03, 2022

Personal Styling and Image Consultancy: Top 5 Celebrity Image Consultants in India

Remember Kim Kardashian’s silhouette look at the 2021 Met Gala? Despite being covered in a full-body Balenciaga morphsuit and a black mask, everyone could recognize the famous socialite. The reason? She has a unique personal style which everyone recognizes. And this is just one example of on-point personal styling.

Most of the world’s greatest icons have a consistent personal style: Marylin Monroe’s iconic blonde curls and Princess Diana’s pearls. Closer to home, you have Madhuri Dixit’s iconic Indo-western looks, Rekha’s golden sarees, and Shah Rukh Khan’s flawless black ensembles. 

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Ever wondered how celebrities manage to pull this off? Well, behind the scenes, there are multiple people involved in picking the right clothing, makeup, hair, and accessories. They are personal stylists and image consultants. 

Personal Stylists and Image Consultants: What Do They Do?

Simply put, personal stylists and image consultants create a personal brand for people. While a personal stylist is responsible for appearance and wardrobe, image consultants take it a step further.

An image consultant helps people dress as per their roles, lifestyle, media image, and the situation where their client has to make a public appearance.

Image consultants also identify how to best dress their clients as per their body shape and skin tone while incorporating their personal style to create an authentic image. Lastly, they also work on maintaining proper body language and etiquette.

But contrary to common conception, personal styling and image consultancy aren’t exclusive to celebrities and HNIs. Anyone who wishes to create their unique style and achieve confidence in their professional and personal life can hire them.

Let us now look at India’s best image consultants who make your favourite stars shine brighter every day.

Top 5 Image Consultants in India

#1 Neeraj Gaba

You may recognize Neeraj Gaba as the no-nonsense, outspoken judge in the reality show ‘India’s Next Top Model.’ But did you know he is one of India’s pioneers in image consulting? In fact, he became an image consultant before image consulting and image consultancy courses were a thing.

Not only does Gaba work with models and actors, but he also provides holistic image development services to people wanting to gain more self-confidence. So, if you thought image consulting was all about vanity, you’re wrong!

Neeraj Gaba

#2 Rohini Iyer

Rohini Iyer, the founder of Raindrop Media, has been recognized as the queen of celebrity PR and image consultancy. Her client list includes mega stars like Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, and Salman Khan. The Women Economic Forum (WEF) in London recently honoured her with the ‘Woman of the Decade in Celebrity Media’ award.

Rohini Iyer

#3 Bia Sandhu Taneja

Bia is a hardworking professional who is passionate about empowering people to identify their own unlimited potential.

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She believes in making a positive impact in their lives through image consulting, pageant coaching, and personal branding. She says, “physical presence, the way you carry yourself creates a strong impression on others, and ignites a sense of confidence within you.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Bia Sandhu Taneja

#4 Benaisha Kharas Dongre

Benaisha Kharas Dongre is a TEDx speaker, and boy, does she have an inspiring story to tell!

She is the youngest internationally certified practicing image consultant with 250+ clients. She is a subject matter expert in fashion, style, and image. In her own words, “You make an impression when you have created a brand of yourself, and the best way to create this brand is with your image.”

Benaisha Kharas Dongre

#5 Neha D Gupta

Neha D Gupta is best known for styling working professionals looking to make a lasting impression. As a veteran image consultant, she understands that “underneath every successful firm - there are people.”

Neha D Gupta

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Do These Image Consultants Inspire You?

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