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Lessons In Interior Design From Architectural Wonders Around The World
May 25, 2022

Lessons in Interior Design from Architectural Wonders Around the World


History has always been a well of inspiration for creatives worldwide. But nothing will ever come close to the influence living history has on the contemporary ideas of space beyond the modern-day squares and rectangles. The richness of lines, colours, tones, accents, and patterns from days past hold the spirit of Renaissance to inspire and inform the interior design artists of today.

If any architectural marvel has ever left you speechless and asking yourself: "How to become interior designer of such a scale?" -- you're in the right place. 

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It's actually fairly simple. Earning an interior designing certification is only the beginning. Imitation of interior styles comes second. Discovering your own style comes third. But perfection never does because of architectural marvels like below. 

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Create visual harmony

Everyone’s seen the magnanimity of the world’s tallest building. But what’s inside the iconic, 828 metre tall tower is the actual gold. 

Just like its façade, the interior of the building features industrial elements of glass, stainless steel, silver travertine flooring, and venetian stucco walls. It is well-adorned with locally sourced, hand-crafted furnishings.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

So instead of googling “how to become an interior designer?”, start by examining the distinction between exteriors and interiors, as exhibited by the Burj Khalifa. When the interiors complement the exteriors, you can create a visual harmony that’s easy on the eyes and welcoming.

Interiors Burj Khalifa

Palace of Versailles,  France

Add personality, give character

A feast for the senses if there ever was one; the Palace of Versailles, previously a royal residence, has one of the most exquisite interior designs in recorded history. So much so that it changed the course of interior design to decorative art in the 17th and 18th century.

Interiors Palace of Versailles

But the sense of history the space carries is not just because it’s from a different era. The oversized furniture, life-sized paintings, gold accents, and statement mirrors meant to dwarf the visitors give the palace a grand feeling.

Palace of Versailles France

It’s a masterclass in design for those who want to learn how to become an interior designer; on how to create a characteristic space that has a story to tell. That’s the biggest lesson you can learn from it.

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The Port House, Belgium

Take risk, go bold

The Port House in Antwerp, Belgium, breaks every unspoken architectural rule. But in the most awe-inspiring (or funky, if you like) way. It is thoughtfully designed to cohabit offices, public spaces, auditorium, and restaurants with a subtle white palette. With minimal adornments and quaint passages, the structural insides focus on functionality to meet the requirements of an ‘activity based office.

The Port House Belgium

This is one architectural marvel you’ll probably study in depth during your interior designing certification. And understand how to bring your own flavour to client needs. However, the lesson here? Take risks, “gobsmack” people, and don’t be apologetic to move outside the box.

Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam

Marry old & new respectfully

When the old and new collide, magic is bound to happen. And the Conservatorium Hotel, built on the historic site of a former music conservatory, is a stellar example.

Interiors Conservatorium Hotel

It is the intersection of the existing old-world charm and the quintessential modern-day, sparse poetics. Clean lines, muted tones, custom-made furniture, glass atrium, exposed beams, and bright accents of the hotel offer a stark contrast to its Neo-Gothic façade. The respect to the city’s tradition and history is well-reflected in the interior designs as well. It’s design genius at its finest, and something you should learn from.

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

In case you’ve been wondering how to become a commercial interior designer, Conservatorium Hotel is a comprehensive study in the art of designing commercial spaces. We suggest you go out of the way to study, imbibe, and mimic in your own craft. 

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Before You Go

Don’t confine your interior design career path to textbooks and local sites. When it comes to interior design, the world is your oyster. Find inspiration from everywhere.

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