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How Will The Metaverse Transform The 3D Fashion World
May 25, 2022

How Will the Metaverse Transform the 3D Fashion World

Fashion fanatics will remember Nina Dobrev’s iconic MET Gala entrance in 2019. After all, who can forget the stunning, futuristic mini among a million flamboyant ball gowns? Not us in the least.

What set the piece apart was undoubtedly hours of work, the use of unnatural materials, and several rounds of fittings; a feat that, believe it or not, we can now replicate in a fraction of the time virtually, thanks to 3D design. And if you didn’t hear about it already, live fittings like the above and in-person galas may soon become a thing of the past as fashion can now exist virtually in the Metaverse.

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So, does this mean that the tech giants are hijacking fashion (too)? Thankfully, not! But the fashion industry is raving about it as well. The only question now is, why?

Why is the Fashion Industry Going Gaga Over 3D Design and Metaverse?

Fashion veterans know it takes an awful lot of time to create a finished piece in the real world. What with the resources and time constraints. Not to mention, the enormous amount of waste generated during the process. So, it’s no wonder that trendy high-end pieces cost a fortune.

In the virtual world, however, 3D design artists can create virtual outfits from scratch in a fraction of the time, using virtual materials creatively. This not only reduces the cost of the complete virtual garment but also the effort involved. This is one reason why virtual fashion garments from high-end brands are more affordable than their real-world counterparts. What’s more, brands get the freedom to experiment with garment styles and develop more creative campaigns.

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So, How is the Metaverse Changing the 3D Fashion World?

Virtual Fashion Shows

In the Metaverse, Fashion Weeks can be reimagined completely. Take a look at the recent Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) organized by Auroboros. Unlike a real-world Fashion Week, this virtual event was not only a platform for 3D design artists to showcase their creations but also a space where attendees could enjoy unique experiences. The premier event included virtual games, immersive interactions, and a live concert wherein attendees could get ‘dressed’ in the brand’s signature Mystique wearable.

The takeaway? Virtual Fashion Shows will become far more personalized (and creative), both for organizers and creators. This means exciting times for us observers all around.

Fashion Collectibles

Thanks to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), virtual fashion garments will become collectibles. This means people from anywhere in the world will need to pay to view or own your unique virtual garment (like in a museum). And while you could argue virtual fashion won’t come with an expiry date; truth is, NFTs do. Their value will increase or decrease with time, just like fashion garments in the real world.

Put simply, there will never be no demand for unique, creative garments. And so, they present infinite opportunities for both consumers and creators all around.

Decentralization of Fashion

The Metaverse attaches value to 3D design fashion creations, especially when they are traded as NFTs. This means just about anyone will pay for a unique collectible. And that spells tremendous opportunity for new talent entering fashion.

What’s more, 3D fashion artists can create complete garments from scratch as long as they have a solid hold over design software. If you’re keen on learning this craft, doing a fashion design certification course will come handy.

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As you can see, the Metaverse makes fashion accessible and allows fashion designers to test the limits of their creativity. And while there is no set path to becoming a successful 3D fashion designer in the Metaverse, having a 3D fashion design certification certainly helps. A structured certified course teaches you the basics of design software and gives you the soft skills to excel in the uber-competitive fashion scape.

Looking for a comprehensive 3D fashion design course to leapfrog in your 3D fashion journey? Then we at PearlxStudio have the perfect course for you. Visit our website to learn all the details.

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