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October 18, 2022

How are Graphic Designers Impacting the Sneaker Fashion Trends?

A 20% growth is expected between the years 2022-2027 in the graphics sneakers industry. And why won't this industry grow? After all, the most comfortable item for our feet to date is a pair of sneakers.

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Sneakers Graphical Design

Graphically designed sneakers are growing in popularity as consumers demand footwear tailored to their style. One of the most significant advantages of additive manufacturing in footwear production is the ability to customise the finished product for differentiation and individuality.

But the prop for all this goes to graphic designers, because of the creativity that graphic designer’s exhibit, graphic design sneakers have become more popular.

That said, let's explore how, in recent times, graphic designers have impacted the sneakers fashion industry.

Graphic Designers are Responsible for Starting a New Sneaker Trend

A sneaker's graphic design is cutting edge, on trend, and consistently incorporates consumer and athlete insights through powerful storytelling, emotional resonance, and relevance. A graphic designer's creations advance trends while reflecting the times.

Graphic Designers are Responsible for Starting a New Sneaker Trend

Graphic designers take inspiration from what is going around and what interestspeople the most. A new sneaker trend goes hand in hand with reality. Gen Z is not about the sportsperson but online gamers and streamers. RTFKT, a Nike-acquired NFT brand, developed on it and released sneakers based on Counterstrike and League of legends.Furthermore, RTFKT collaborated on a pair of sneakers with the blockchain-native artist FEWOCiOUS and made $3.1 million in the first five minutes of its release. Although these are virtual sneakers, you get the point, right?

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Graphic Designers are Responsible for Starting a New Sneaker Trend-2

Graphic Designers Help Sneaker Companies Give What Their Consumers Want

A quarter of young Americans prefer graphic-designed footwear for improved comfort and lifestyle. Adidas and Nike are investing heavily in researching and developing graphic-designed sneakers.It is the responsibility of graphic designers to put the business idea into action by producing graphics that make consumers fall in love with that design and the brand. Sneakers' graphic designers align their thinking with the prospects and determine the most effective for the brand in a particular circumstance.

Graphic Designers Help Sneaker Companies Give What Their Consumers Want

Graphic Designers Help Sneaker Companies to Stand Out

The ability to innovate keeps sneaker companies pushing their limits. The duration of a fashion design trend is not predetermined, and if people enjoy it, it might last a year or disappear from the market in weeks. Businesses need to keep their customers interested by constantly offering something new. Due to such reasons, sneaker companies are always looking for graphic designers who can come up with new variations and experiment with colours to see what works best.

Graphic designs have been highly beneficial to sneaker companies. For instance, with the Futurecraft 4D taking 11 months from initial meetings to release, Adidas noted that graphic design helped shorten the lead time for bringing the new sneaker models to market. This is significantly less time than the 15–18-month lead time that sneakers typically have.

Apart from well-known brands, independent brand owners have explored graphic design with positive results. A notable example is Sugandha Tyagi, owner of the comfy sneaker label ShoesYourDaddy. She has designed more than two trillion pairs of shoes, including Yeezys and Nike Air Forces.

Graphic Designers Help Sneaker Companies to Stand Out

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The Bottom Line

The sneaker industry does appear to be experiencing a positive disruption from graphic design, and this trend will likely continue as technology advances. Companies have already made significant strides to stay ahead of the competition, and as technology develops, businesses of all sizes will seek to benefit.

This is particularly true when you consider that fashion designers already use graphic design to test and prototype their designs, making them more affordable and available to anyone who wants to enter the fashion industry.

With the growing sneakers industry, it is sure that the demand for graphic designers for sneakers will rise too, which makes it the perfect time for you to enrol in a graphic designing course offered by PearlxStudio.

Our course strongly emphasises conceptual development while also focusing on the development of technical skills, capacities for creative thought, and knowledge of design's social, political, environmental, and speculative relevance.

When resources are available, why wait to fulfil your dreams of being a graphic designer?

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