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How 3D Design Technology Is Changing The Fashion Industry
June 21, 2022

How 3D Design Technology Is Changing The Fashion Industry


3D design is undeniably the next big thing in the world of fashion. From manufacturing to advertisements, every sphere in the fashion industry is raving all about it. If that wasn’t enough, fashion design certificate courses now have a dedicated 3D modeling module in their syllabus too.

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But here’s the billion-dollar question-why is 3D Design technology so popular in the fashion industry right now? Let’s take a look.

1. Streamlining Garment Production

Meeting customer demands through multiple rounds of trial and error is now a thing of the past, thanks to 3D Design. Fashion designers can now directly draw their imagination into the 3D design software. And that’s not all. One can also consider measurements, design, texture, and other fitting requirements to create the desired fit with the 3D design software. This speeds up the manufacturing process and reduces the time required for a garment piece to reach the shelves from your doorstep.

2. Reducing Pollution

Believe it or not, fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. The heaps of discarded prototypes and the pollution caused by the chemicals and fibers used in garments are only prove it.

Through 3D design, the fashion industry can eliminate a large part of this waste by digitally producing prototypes and samples. The best part? 3D design helps replicate the product into a virtual environment with extreme precision too!

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3. Virtual Fashion Advertising

Gone are the days when fashion houses needed a dedicated budget to create stellar content for promotional campaigns. With 3D design, fashion houses can create realistic 3D renders of products and environments in a few days. Many fashion houses like Prada and Balmain have adopted virtual simulations and augmented reality to create great advertisements for their products. And many more are planning to get on the train in the future.

4. Clothing Testing Strategies

If a fashion house is not sure about the aesthetics of its product, all they need to do is a virtual fitting with 3D models before the launch. If the product needs improvements, they can adjust the 3D render accordingly. Once a render is approved, fashion houses can finally move to create a piece.

This way, a brand can save on product development and use those resources in the later stages of production to create satisfactory pieces for its customers.

5. Virtual Custom Clothing

If you like your clothes to reflect your personal taste, here’s a 3D fashion revolution you’ll like. AI-guided customer clothing. That’s right. AI fashion software like Chimera will guide 3D designers to create novel custom outfits after understanding your clothing preferences in the future. This will not only revolutionize fashion design processes, but also what it means to own unique clothing in the future.

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The Way Ahead

3D Design has crushed the notion that art and technology do not mix. By implementing technological advancements in fashion, designers and fashion organizations have realized that it opens new opportunities for manufacturers and consumers.

If you’re planning to make your debut in the fashion design industry at some point in the future, it’s best you developed 3D design skills now. And there’s no better way to do it than enrolling in a 3D fashion design course today!

At PearlxStudio, we offer a 3D fashion design certification course that provides hands-on training in various aspects of 3D Design. This includes hard skills like creating tridimensional prototypes, animating clothing, editing patterns, etc. And that’s not all.

When you sign up for our 3D Design course, you also get guidance on using industry-grade 3D Design software like Adobe Suite and CLO3D. The best part? By the time you finish your course, you'll have a portfolio with various projects that showcase your unique style, as well as a CV with new skills in high demand in the fashion industry. Visit our website to learn more.

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