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Here's What Really Matters in Advertising Graphic Design
May 25, 2022

Here's What Really Matters in Advertising Graphic Design

If you remember the norm-breaking, memorable Think Small print Ad campaign Helmut Krone and Julian Koenig wrote for the Volkswagen Beetle, you’re already a step ahead in your graphic design course. But what made the Ad such a breakthrough?

Yes, the Ad copy was a major intrigue magnet and sold several cars. But what stole the show was its visual design.

The zoomed out image of the car emphasised the “smallness”, which was the quality manufacturers were trying to sell. And the dark colour of the car against the white background singled out the lines and shape of the compact vehicle. The car in the Ad didn’t come across as flashy or huge, which was certainly unseen at the time but enough to capture a whole bunch of buyers.

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This was back when print Ads were the sole form of product promotions. Yet, the psychology of design or layout hasn’t changed a lot, and still rings truer than ever.

This is everything you’ll study in a graphic design course, but for the sake of simplicity, start with the following three important ones.


Serif or Sans Serif? There’s surely more to typography than the two commonly-repeated fonts.

Yet, advertising circles rarely give  typefaces, fonts, or letters…or whatever you want to call it the attention (or recognition) it truly deserves.


The placement, sizing, and colour of the font serve a prominent role in creating the Ad impact. How they’re used in the graphic designof the Ad copy will decide how the marketing message is conveyed and the mood of the campaign. A font’s line height, colour, contrast, and emphasis also affect how the Ad information is processed. It can make all the difference to the influence the Ad has on readers or viewers, and eventually to how they respond to a brand.

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Most graphic design courses cover typography in detail. So if you need formal training to learn the craft, join one!


At a time when the visual world is ruled by GIFs, 3D designs, and short video formats, advertising is changing faces every day. And adding motion to animate 2D graphics has taken the centre stage.

Still images are a thing of the past now, especially in the case of online marketing. So if there is any advertising graphic design skill you need to master, it’s how to create moving imagery.  However, motion designs often require a level of technique and finesse that can only be learned in a graphic design course.

It’ll help you grasp key technical skills, 3D graphic design,theory of colour, typography, and then some. Also, how to convert simple, boring images into lively, action-packed eye catchers.


In graphic design, tools are the life and blood of the creation process. Only when you’re familiar with the technology can you create fantastic visual narratives. They are essential to illustrate, view, stylise, and edit every image you will ever design. But mind you, there are plenty of those.

Each software will serve a different function; kind of like different types of brush are useful for different kinds of strokes. Even so, there are some software you should ideally start your graphic designjourney with, such as:

  • Sketch
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects

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Over to You

Like every other creative domain, graphic design is fuelled by collective creativity. And comprises different elements, as explained above.

Knowing the basics of design and understanding the consumer psychology is essential for creating impactful Ads. But what about the rest? If you are keen on becoming a skilled, in-demand expert in advertising design, consider the advertising graphic design course from PearlxStudio.

With a four-module curriculum focused on different media and graphic design processes, you’re sure to master the craft in no time. Connect today for more details.

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