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Get Dressed Like Do Revenge Characters
October 04, 2022

Get Dressed Like Do Revenge Characters

The latest movie to join our list of favourite cult classics is Netflix’s Do Revenge. Fromsnappy dialogues to nail-biting twists, this dark comedy has it all. But what really leaves an impression on the audience has to be the iconic look each character brings.

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Drea’s cool pastels and Eleanor’s post-makeover looks are what every teen dreams of. And if you have an eye for good design and head-turning ensembles, you’re in the right place.Here, we’ll be discussing how you can shake up your wardrobe to channel your inner Eleanor Levetanand get ahead of the 2022 college fashion trends.

Do FashionLike Do Revenge

90s fashion is finding new life in gen Z wardrobes. With crop tops and high-waisted jeans in vogue again, fashion stylists are reimagining the yesteryear fashion trends in 2022. Do Revenge’s costume designer, Alana Morshead had exactly this in mind after she read the script. And it’s safe to say she understood the assignment.

1. Shades of Revenge

Shades of Revenge

You’d expect dark, brooding colours with such a strong emotion. But, no. This movie swifty side-steps that stereotype, delivering colour combinations we didn’t know we wanted.

The pastel green and lavender school uniforms, with dainty capes, ties, and berets, are an audience favourite for more reasons than one. Not only is the colour scheme a feast for the eyes but it also has a spring vibe that brightens the outfit without making it loud.

Besides that, Drea’s casual, out-of-school outfits are rarely in dull colours. She plays around with bright sunny shades and different textures (think fluffy lavender top with yellow shorts in Carissa’s farm ‘project’), while Eleanor chooses fun prints that compliment her easy-going personality superbly.

2. Accessorize!


If you’ve hit pause to admire the cute headbands or the heart jewellery more than once, you’re not alone. Whether it’s the platform shoes, Drea’s beige sipper or Eleanor’s jumbo white sunglasses, they’ve made their mark.

Accessories are what take an outfit to a whole new level. So, while building an ensemble worthy of a Do Revenge after party, make sure to incorporate a statement accessory. Just like the white fluffy ball earrings Drea wore to visit Carissa at rehab or the tiny blue purse she paired with the sheer, ruffled robe in the final scene.

Make it your own and rule the room!

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3. Wear It with Confidence

Wear It with Confidence

If you’re comfortable in your skin, you automatically slay in the outfit. Just let your inner Kween shine and you have the last ingredient for a Do Revenge ensemble pinned down.

Right from post-makeover Eleanor to the headmaster of Rosehill Country Day, the fabulous Sarah Michelle Gellar, every single character strutted on screen with self-confidence that made it hard to miss them.

Even Oscar winner Olivia Coleman, Eleanor’s emotional support pet bearded dragon! (Wow, that’s a mouthful).

Half of the charm of any outfit is how you carry it. Drea and Elenor’s well-fitting uniform and outfit choices reflect just that.  This coming of (r)age movie is all about staying confident in who you are and what you deserve.

So, put on that high-waisted skirt and trendy sweater vestand you’re ready to make someone green with envy with your 2022 fashion trend forecast!

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Do Revenge and Much More!

Do Revenge and Much More!

Do Revenge is the latest movie to make waves with its phenomenal outfits. Whether it’s the small capes or the pastel berets, Do Revenge has given us some much-needed 2022 fashion trendinspo!

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