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From Wall Street to Waltz
February 24, 2023

From Wall Street to Waltz!

Menswear is a domain, which, since decades, has been a topic of debate from the perspective of its fashion, style and possibility quotient given the stringent rules one needs to abide by when designing and styling of menswear. In the words of Hollywood’s celebrated menswear stylist Ilaria Urbinati, ‘men’s fashion is hardcore’, and boy, is she right or not?! What with quarter of an inch more or less of a shirt cuff being visible from under a jacket sleeve making that humongous difference, which otherwise in most other garment segments would not matter as much!

Needless to say, the precision and the levels of observation one must cultivate as a professional in order to excel in menswear business is unparalleled.

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‘Think out of the Box’ is a saying that so many of us designers keep referring back to, time and again so that we can innovate and create something new, however in case of menswear, there is a slight deviation to the aforementioned saying – expand the box, operate from various corners of the box, break out of the box but don’t go too far from it ; is how we menswear designers would like to rephrase the adage

Styling in menswear is all about transition, a smooth one at that, one that is playing hide and seek between the conspicuous and the inconspicuous. The colors, as we know, mostly revolve around the obvious and safe black, grey, white, brown, blue and its various shades, hues and tints. In the formal category, a single breasted black suit is an absolute must have in every man’s wardrobe in the modern world due to its immense versatility and popularity. One switch of an accessory and you can move from Wall Street to Waltz in a jiffy!

A classic Italian black suit worn to a corporate office with a white dress shirt and a black, blue or grey tie teamed with black dress shoes and pair of black socks can be changed into a super sleek and stylish look by switching a few elements back and forth … how? Read on...

Wall Street Dressing

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Keeping the black suit constant, the white dress shirt with standard collars can be replaced with a white shirt with cutaway collar, a slim tie in a floral or paisely jacquard weave pattern, a matching silk pocket square and a floral bejeweled boutonnière that stands out as the cynosure of the look commanding a second glance from everyone around. The plain socks can be replaced with an argyle pattern and Voila! You have switched from a corporate look without investing much in the main attire. Of course, you can go a notch above by opting for a shirt with French cuffs and cufflinks that match your jeweled boutonnière. Subtility is the keyword when it comes to menswear designing and styling and one who attains that perfect balance between the two has no looking back!

Are you a fashion enthusiast who love to experiment with the nuances of design and style? If so, unleash your creativity by pursuing fashion design menswear offered by PearlxStudio. You can enrol in the 11-month professional certification course to learn the practical & technical knowledge of fashion design from the best in the business.

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Avik Roy

Written By Avik Roy Associate Professor, PearlxStudio

An educator and a menswear professional with nearly two decades into the fashion industry, Avik believes in the saying 'less is more' when it comes to design and loves spending time observing people and studying about various cultures and their underlying sartorial stories !

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