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Fall Make-up Trends for 2022 Followed by Professional Make-up Artists
October 04, 2022

Fall Make-up Trends for 2022 Followed by Professional Make-up Artists

Fall is practically here, meaning you can experiment with your looks without thinking about sweat dripping down your face. Whether you're just rocking make-up around the house or need to put together a look for a hangout, listed below Fall 2022 make-up trends, followed by professional make-up artists, will help you look great.

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Let’s explore some of the most liked make-up trends of Fall 2022 by professional make-up artists.

1. Smokey Eyes Plus Bold Lips

Smokey Eyes Plus Bold Lips

Do you want to go for a smokey eye and bold lip look? Go ahead with it, as it's the trend this fall.For this look, all you need is to swatch a lip color that has rich tones, such as reds and blacks, with deep smoky eyes in black, charcoal gray, or a rich brown.

Another smokey eye trend that many professional make-up artists have recommended is to combine it with an ultraviolet color that is either popped onto the lid or applied to the inner corner.

2. Burnt Blush

Burnt Blush

It's a technique from the '70s called blush draping. This summer, a 'sunburnt blush' trend went viral on TikTok, and it has since changed to 'burnt blush' for fall.

To create this look, instead of applying blush on the apples of cheeks, you apply it a little bit higher on your cheeks up to the temples.

3. Bleached Eyebrows

Bleached Eyebrows

Did you know that the true pioneer of this trend was Queen Elizabeth 1 and not Kim Kardashian? Her Majesty loved to hide her brows. This trend has steadily but confidently crept into the mainstream throughout the past year, with celebrities like Madonna and Julia Fox reaching for the face bleach.

If you're not yet ready to bleach your brows, consider coloring them lighter than usual. This creates a subtle arch that's perfect for fall.

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Clearly, this trend captured the eyeballs of professional make-up artists this year, making it one of the most popular trends.

4. Barely-any Make-up

Barely-any Make-up

Less is more! To get aboard this makeup trend, start by applying light or light-coverage make-up, which enhances the appearance of your skin without completely covering it up. What you apply depends on your preferences, not on necessity.

To create this subtle look, professional make-up artists prepare the skin with a moisturizer that leaves it dewy and plump. Then, apply a lightweight base make-up, like a skin tint, BB cream, or sheer foundation.

5. Gemstone Eyes

Gemstone Eyes

We may not be able to watch any new episodes of Euphoria this fall, but its expressive make-up still makes us clamor for more. Professional make-up artists and influencers are experimenting with expressive make-up these days, and facial gems are flying off the shelves.

A professional make-up artist recommends stenciling and mapping out your design using liquid eyeliner first to place the applique easier and quicker.

For inspiration, check out Gucci, Simone Rocha, Conner Ives, and Burberry for their additive looks.

6. Graphic Eyes

Graphic Eyes

In the beauty world, graphic eyeliner has been making waves and introducing us to fresh ways to experiment with facial make-up. Using graphic eyeliner, you can play around with your look by using vibrant colors and geometric shapes to draw attention to your eyes.

Professional make-up artists suggest that you draw a classic eyeliner with a color of your choice, and to take it a notch up, you can draw a straight line just above it with a different color, creating an elegant look.

Many A-list celebrities, including Gigi Headed, Lady Gaga, Vanessa Hudgens, and more, have worn this look!

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To Wrap Up

This fall, you can try many new trends that range from a straightforward, almost makeup-free look to more eccentric looks.

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