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5 Web Design Trends You Should Know About
August 03, 2022

5 Web Design Trends You Should Know About

Skip a day, and you will have a new trend in web design to play catch up on. Miss out on a trend that prioritizes your visitors’ experience, and your ranking on Google could be at stake.
Simply put, you cannot sleep on web design trends. More importantly, you must implement them quickly to retain your ranking. Sure, a graphic design course can speed up understanding the design decisions behind a new trend. But first, you must know what’s trending. Here are 5 web design trends to help you with the latter. 

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1. Dynamic Backgrounds

Think of live wallpapers on your smartphone. They tilt, zoom in/out, and slide with every swipe you make on your home screen. Similar is the latest trend of using dynamic backgrounds in websites.
Dynamic webpage backgrounds are typically a unique mix of images, colors, patterns, and objects that keep changing when users interact with the webpage. They replace the otherwise blank canvas of typical website backgrounds and add visual interest to your site. Simply put, a dynamic website background makes the webpage appealing and also holds the visitors’ attention.

Dynamic Backgrounds

2. Oversized Typefaces

Short, readable text is the key to a well-designed website. But punchy sentences aren’t effective by themselves. They need bold design to ensure they stand out. This is where oversized typefaces help.

And oversized typefaces help make your website messaging stand out from the crowd and be more effective. Not to mention, it adds personality to an otherwise simple website.

Today, web designers are increasingly opting for oversized typefaces to:

● Grab attention
● Improve readability
● Deliver just the right amount of information

They work best if you use them in headings, brand messages, and CTAs. 
From a marketing and advertising graphic design point of view, such fonts can also help you differentiate your website from the competition.

Oversized Typefaces

3. Visual Scrollytelling

Another trending theme in web design? Scrollytelling. Every time users scroll, the website reveals a new visual (and potentially reason to scroll further).

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But that’s not all. Scrollytelling makes your website appealing and engaging, which keeps visitors from bouncing off your website. At the same time, it creates a seamless narrative that leads audiences toward the desired call-to-action. 
The best part? You can get the hang of visual scrollytelling via a graphic design course. Most good courses extensively focus on typography and narrative building already.

Visual Scrollytelling

4. Large Call-to-Action

Once you have the attention of the audience with animated background and unique typefaces, you must guide them to take some action. So, use large CTAs and tell the reader precisely what they need to do. 

A fairly large CTA will grab your visitors’ attention. So, you will have the perfect opportunity to guide your website users to take the desired action.

Large Call-to-Action

5. Optimize for Different Screen Sizes

Think of all the devices that allow users to browse web content. Most people use smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. This means your visitors may not have a good browsing experience if you only optimize your website for bigger screen sizes like desktops.

Whether your users access your website from a phone or PC, using adaptive web design makes the user experience consistent across platforms. Ensure your website loads content in no time; otherwise, your website will rank low in SEO.

Optimize for Different Screen Sizes

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Back to You

A well-designed modern website is all about a quality web experience. As a web designer, you must look past standard templates with static images and blocks of text but experiment with dynamic visuals and unique font faces. 

If you want to learn web design, PearlxStudio’s Advertising and Graphics Design Course has you covered. It is a graphic design course that provides hands-on training in typography, motion graphics, web and app design, and graphics in marketing. 

Get the marketing and advertising graphic design course today and master web design in less than a year.

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